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People say the nicest things........!!
Renata Musial, Creator of Renewing Mom
I've hired Sam to speak at several different workshops and she is nothing short of amazing. Her presentation style is genuine and so easy-going. She takes what feels like a complex and stressful issue and helps you work through it as though you were sitting with your favorite girlfriend. Her coaching style is thoughtful and so personal. Her bright smile and energy are just the cherry on top! I love working with Sam and always look forward to her workshops.  

People say the nicest things!!

Tammy, Houston TX

Samantha  -I wish I had found you sooner! Your counseling background shines through each time

we talk. Our coaching sessions are helping me clarify career, personal and overall goals for the future. 

As a “doer” the assignments you give me are right on target. Sending me our session insights

really helps me stay on track.  Thank you for your expertise, kindness and compassionate, gentle

guidance, with your help I’m changing my life!   

CF,  St. Charles IL

In the past, I have enjoyed the benefit of other tremendous life coaches, and have also elected wonderfully supportive counseling for the purpose of attaining life goals and for personal growth. But Samantha Jens is in a class all her own. Her attention to detail, her instincts and intuition, her warmth and investment puts this nurturing experience in a class all its own.  Sam is a highly trained and experienced, more -than competent motivator who uses interesting, diverse and comprehensive tools to tease out the best in her clients. She naturally and enthusiastically, though gently and respectfully guides, leads, teaches and encourages her clients, whom she shows the utmost respect and attention to. She is real, authentic; the genuine article and a trustworthy source of rich wisdom and encouragement. With the amazing, tender, considerate and brilliant help of Samantha Jens,  I am discovering my best self and how to find and enjoy that person,  and to more greatly embrace and enjoy my life.

Carly - Chicago, IL

As a creative individual and a 2009 college graduate, I had been struggling for the past two years to find stable work and overall satisfaction with my life. Yes, there were moments of happiness and positive gains, but not a continual balance and far reaching, clear goals in mind. Working with Sam over the past 5 months has changed my outlook on life, I have learned tools to create positivity and balance in my life, and have created an amazing energy and connectedness to others I had never known before. Sam creates a warm and inviting environment, that makes it easy to share thoughts, opinions and openly self-reflect. By sharing her own stories and experiences, it becomes a comfortable space of two friends talking over tea. Sam helps you find your inner voice which makes it a genuine experience, rather than a "therapist" telling you the answer. I would recommend Sam as a life coach to people who are ready and open to making a change in their life. I feel her skills and naturally kind spirit would benefit anyone from teen to senior. I realize life fluctuates, change is inevitable, and I am so thankful to have met Sam to help me on my journey to reach my goals, learning the tools to tackle all challenges high and low.

Simon - Chicago, IL
I gained more in two hours with Samantha than i've gained in the past five years in therapy.
Lydia - Aurora, IL

With Sam's caring guidance I was able to peel back the layers of what was making my life unhappy. 

Her continued support and spot on observations helped me to get me to a place where the real, life

changing work could happen.  I look forward to working more with Sam as I fulfill my future goals.


Lisa - MN

Sam's insights and compassion have rocked my world!! With passion and sincere desire for my well-being, Sam guides with non-judgment and clarity. She enabled me to cut right through my core desires and gently guided me towards avenues of freeing myself from limiting barriers to a life of joy! I saw my relationship with my husband change dramatically within one day after moving forward with her coaching guidance and strategies.

Terry- Geneva, IL

A devastating crisis came into my life and knocked me down to my lowest low.  I was struggling to make sense of everything.  Then one day I saw Sam's flyer and decided to call...I'm so glad I did! Sam has helped me to regain my confidence, redefine my purpose and validate my value and contributions and I'm so grateful to have her in my life.

Jen - Geneva, IL

I cannot accurately describe how incredibly grateful I am that Sam came into my life at the most perfect time. What started as the toughest year of my life resulted in me growing in so many ways.  Sam is truly gifted in helping people and has been a constant source of support from the first day I spoke with her. When I posted on Social Media looking for a Life Coach I had over 20 responses.  Sam's name was mentioned and I reached out to her.  After a brief conversation I knew she was the right life coach for me - she is amazing, funny and her support makes so much sense.  My marriage was crumbling and, even after many therapy sessions my Husband didn't seem to care.  Begrudgingly he came to a coaching session with me and after one hour, my super defensive, stubborn husband said he was glad he had gone and now sets up his own coaching sessions with her too!  I am so grateful that I have found her and that my marriage has been saved. Seriously, everyone needs a Sam!        

  Andrea - Glen Ellyn, IL

I sought help from Samantha after a long term period of feeling "stuck" in my life as a professional turned stay-at-home Mom.  Several relocations and lots of drastic life changes had left me feeling exhausted and spent. I felt as though I was an observer of my own life rather than actually engaged and living it. I needed help re-establishing what truly makes me happy and what that actually means.  Sam immediately impressed me with her grace, candor, wisdom, intellect and deep knowledge. She gently challenged me to discover what truly gives me 'soul happiness' and how to prioritize life to achieve it. She has and continues to counsel, guide and mentor me through the weeds of shame, past grievances and hurt that is holding me back from my highest potentials.  My journey with Sam has been a process and the resulting changes have been life altering.  I have found purpose, positivity, and a clear vision for what my life has to offer.  I am excited for our continuing work and what it will bring!

Lorna - Hampshire, IL

If you are looking for a down to earth, genuine person to guide you on your life's journey then Sam is for you! She is very knowledgeable and asks thought-provoking questions that get you deeper to the root of things.  I find her empowering and so encouraging and I'm very grateful to have found her!


Katie, St. Charles, IL

I attended a Purposeful Intentions Workshop with Sam. Not only did I leave each coaching session with clear intentions but through the sessions I was able to finally realize the ‘whys’ behind them.  Sam was an expert guide in this process asking questions and providing thoughtful exercises enabling us to dig deeper into what may be impeding previous progress  as well as highlighting our individual strengths. Every week I left each session feeling energized, empowered and on a path towards success. 

Kris, San Diego, CA

The guidance Sam has given me over the past year has been invaluable and has truly changed my life

and I feel lucky to have her pearls of wisdom in my toolbox!

Alex, Boulder, CO

If you are stuck, lost or uncertain about your direction in life, Samantha will offer infinite wisdom, and relentless empathy to help you do the internal work you may have been too afraid to tap into. She breeds courage and dissipates anxiety with her coaching gifts and supports you with taking control back in your life.  “Highly recommend” is an understatement!  


Steve, London, England

Living overseas I have worked with several therapists but never found anyone that I trusted or was really effective until I met Samantha.  I cannot recommend her enough.  

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