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Originally from England, I began my journey to pursue my passion for child welfare and human development in Israel where I researched alternative child care practices. I went on to work for 10 years in refugee camps in Africa and orphanages in Romania and China. My entry into the coaching field came while working in Chinese orphanages and struggling with Chinese officials and staff who were reluctant to accept a reformed system which included critical care units and foster care programs. I was determined to find an innovative approach to help the staff understand and support the need to drastically improve child welfare conditions.


Instead of teaching and giving advice/lectures, I decided to help them create their own vision and realize how their values, sense of purpose, unique gifts, strengths and abilities could, not only radically improve conditions for the children but could also allow them to foster their own well-being and LOVE their jobs in the process. In order to create change, they didn't need a teacher to focus on what they had done wrong in the past; they needed a coach to help them maximize their personal and professional potential.


The realization of the value of strong relationships and the power of the coaching philosophy to create and sustain change in extreme situations, led me to pursue a career in life and relationship coaching.


I feel incredibly blessed to have had a diverse and unconventional life experience and currently live with my husband of 23 years, our two children and our multiple animals in St.Charles, IL. I love to spend time hiking and traveling with my family, as well as diving into crazy creative pursuits.





Coaching Specialties

Mindset Coaching

Life Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Coaching Adoptees




Cognitive Behavioral Life Coaching Certification

The Transformation Academy



Robbins-Madanes Training Center

Total Breakthrough Coach Training 

Working With Women Coach Training


Center for Credentialing and Education

Board Certified Coach (BCC)



Holistic MBA

Business training for health, wellness & personal development coaches



Institute for Life Coach Training

Concentration in marriage and relationships



University of Newcastle (UK) Guidence & Counseling

Master's Degree with distinction in Guidance & Counseling







"My mission in life is not to merely survive but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style"

- Maya Angelou

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