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It is by participating more in our relationships

that we breathe life into them!



Relationship Coaching Packages:


The Power Hour

-A 60 minute coaching session focusing on your

specific relationship challenge.

-Your session worksheet

This may be individual or as a couple.

$80 investment 


28 days to Re-ignite Your Relationship

Includes 4 - one hour coaching sessions

- Your session worksheets

-Unlimited email support in-between sessions

This may be individual or as a couple

$300 investment 

Together we will go on an inspiring journey to take your relationship from where it is now to become your greatest source of joy, support and fulfilment.


Relationship Coaching



Relationship dynamics affect all areas of your life. When our connections with others are meaningful and fulfilling, everything else is positively affected.


We use our relationships to meet our human needs. As a result, our needs may be compromised, being fulfilled in a less desirable way, and keeping us from being the best version of ourselves.


Are your relationships your greatest source of joy and support?

Are your relationships fulfilling, exciting and meaningful?


Whether it's regarding a spouse, work collegue, a partner or a family member - coaching is very effective for getting to the heart of the matter, by challenging you to look at yourself and your relationship through a new lens.


As a relationship coach I work with couples....

- striving to achieve a meaningful and fulfilling emotional connection.

- to explore and communicate their needs.

- to end reoccuring conflict.

- to heal hurt feelings.

- to guide them towards fulfilling their relationship goals.


As a relationship coach I partner with you to:

- explore and define your needs.

- take responsibility for your contribution in meeting needs in your relationships and achieving your relationship goals.

- challenge your relationship with self and how it affects all areas of your life.







"If you know what changes a heart, you know what changes a world."

- Marianne Williamson

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